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Pracaxi , Paracaxi , Pracachi , have you heard of this fruit ?
Some large companies already uses in some of their cosmetic products .  check this news " http://amazonia.org.br/2012/11/lor % C3 % A9al - expands - search - of - inputs - of - flora - Brazilian / " .
I know this specimen since the time of my grandmother, in my childhood , in the Amazon forest . She removed the oil to apply in erysipelas , technical name , streptococcal lymphangitis , wounds caused by the Arrias (flat fish) stings and poisonous critters, in pregnant women to prevent  stretch marks , a true miracle . The pracaxizeiro , Pentaclethra filamentous , already mentioned in the novel " Land of Icamiaba " by Abguar Bastos , 1934 Scythian the specimen as follows: . " Chameleon only fight near a pracaxizeiro Because the bark of the tree , chewed by animals , is a miracle that dries wounds , dating back to strength, dexterity and blows immortalizes the animal at incredible invulnerability , which always wins . " This specimen existed in large quantities across the mouth of the Amazon river, however is an impressive specimen. Wood does not need to burn dry, excellent for boilers , this meant that the specimen was almost extinct in the mouths of the rivers that compose the bays that form the mouth of the Amazon River and part of Guajarina zone Another blow was the intensification of planting acai earlier this century. Created a legend that the pracaxizeiro " took the power of the acai berry " , Euterpe oleracea , and should be sacrificed for the açaizeiro produced quickly , however experience has shown that the practice of leaving only açaí palms on the floodplain was a big nonsense . With successful experiences in association with specimens acai some associations and cooperatives began planting native specimens of the floodplain. The Correntão in Igarapé Miri - PA . Cooperative, with the help of UFPA built a vivarium to repopulate areas of floodplain with native specimens that had been sacrificed, practices that increased the productivity of plantations of açaí. The consequence of the lack of knowledge about the specimen, resulted in the decrease of specimens, made today hard to find large amounts of pracaxizeiros, we can only find them in distant places with difficult access.
The use in cosmetics and drugs can be an alternative to prevent the extinction of this specimen, besides generating income for forest people, and currency for Brazil. I think however that large cosmetic industries use oil and extract of pracaxi in a timid way. Today there are already published works on the specimen by some universities , work characterization of oil that generate international publications such as , " Characterization of Pentaclethra macroloba oil " authors Marina Nidia Ferreira dos Santos Costa , Marcos Antônio Muniz Pena , Charles Alberto Brito negrão , Emmerson Carlos Ferreira da Costa , and others, from the Federal University of Pará, but I do not know any work that lead to conclusive results of the traditional properties of this oil . This oil, today applied to hair products such as shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, has been doing a great success; however it is an attitude of small cosmetic manufacturers, coming daring and developing formulations that are widely accepted by users. The pracaxi oil, used in hair care products, in amounts ranging 3-5 % , make the scalp fortified , reduce hair loss and makes the hair shiny and full of life. In the form of massage candles where are introduced 20 % of this oil, the results have been encouraging. In the form of crude oil, has analgesic, anti - inflammatory and healing activities , can be applied directly to the skin against stretch marks , erysipelas , stains , burns , nothing that my grandmother did not know , however we need research to show what makes difference in this oil , which reveals to the world that acts as broadly and differently , so we can create concepts of broader application in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry , so we generate knowledge , income and consequently preservation. The Amazonoil a company that produces virgin vegetal oil on a large scale, is making partnering with cosmetics manufacturers , leading to the expansion of concepts and increase sales of oil in the domestic and international market , Continental Amazonia Cosmetique , www.amazoniacosmetique.com . br launched a line of pracaxi making this a great success . Grieving the introduction of this oil in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market as a way of valuing the specimen more than 20 years , I am passionate specimen, we need many years to understand it as a whole , however the release of high quality products produced by Continental Amazon Cosmetique is a victory for the acceptance of the products in the market that led to the popularization of the specimen , the default of large corporations that use in symbolic amounts , more like a form of marketing , to use the name Amazon , without bringing great advantages for forest peoples . Congratulations to small manufacturers, who boldly and perseverance generate hope for the forest and the people who live there.

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